Air Conditioners in Christchurch & Rolleston

You look forward to summer, but when it gets a bit too hot, summer can become a struggle! With the right air conditioner unit, you’ll never have to stress when you look at the weather forecast – be smart and beat the heat!

We’re experts at heat pump and air conditioner installation in Christchurch and Rolleston – we know everything there is to know about the most efficient units available and we can help you get what you need at the right price.

Feel comfortable despite the heat with the most energy-efficient solution for your home or office. We have expert electricians standing by who can install, service, and repair AC units. Give us a call today to work with the best AC installers in Christchurch and Rolleston.

Air conditioners Christchurch

Stress-free Air Conditioning

At Juice we’re all about stress-free air con installations and customer satisfaction. Choosing the air conditioner that will work best for your needs can be confusing, and we’re happy to walk you through the selection process to help you find the perfect fit. With the overwhelming range of options available now, from central air conditioning to portable and window units to ductless mini split types and many more – choosing the right unit is anything but easy. By assessing the location for the installation, how often you’ll use the unit and the size of the area to cool, we can help you get the best bang for your buck by choosing the perfect unit.

Get that needed relief from the summer heat with our air conditioner installation services in Christchurch and Rolleston. Give us a call today!

Why Choose Us for Air Conditioners?

We install and repair a wide range of models including high-end ducted air conditioning. Whatever air conditioning system you want installed, serviced or repaired, whether it’s a floor console or another type of air conditioning unit, our experts have the skills and experience you need.

We also provide preventative maintenance for a wide range of cooling systems. That way, you can enjoy cool air in your home without worrying about your system breaking down unexpectedly.

Can You Install Heat Pumps Too?

We are experts in heat recovery technology in New Zealand, and we provide heat pump servicing and installation. We work with a range of heating systems including split system heat pumps, so we’ll be happy to help with anything you need.

There is a wide range of heat pumps from many different brands including Panasonic, Daikin, Fujitsu and more. However, we work with Mitsubishi Electric here because we believe they are the best, and they have a great warranty that gives our customers peace of mind.

Get an Air Conditioner Installation Quote Today

We don’t have a showroom, but you can always contact us for more info, to find out about our specials, and get a free quote on installation.

Based in Rolleston, we serve homes and offices across Christchurch, from Hornby to Sydenham to Redwood. Give us a call today to get your aircon installation quote!