We take the overwhelm out of home automation in Christchurch and Rolleston.

When you think of home automation, do you picture massive pieces of equipment and a correspondingly large price tag? Most people do.

That’s why we are thrilled to be New Zealand Partners for Shelly, who produce the smallest, smartest and most powerful wi-fi switches. They really do provide an amazing home automation solution.

You don’t have to automate the whole house.

The cutting-edge European technology lets you automate only the parts of your home you need – even just one light switch! Prices start from $50+GST plus installation.

They are small electrical relays which fit in behind your existing light switch. Such an intelligent, tiny design, we’ve taken to calling them PIPs. They really do ‘PImP your switch’.

This single switch, wireless automation is all controlled by a cloud-based, user-friendly interface. Control the lighting in your home from anywhere – simply use your smartphone. And they are also compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Android, and iOS. With these voice assistants, you can even command the PIPs by speaking.

And they can be programmed. Picture this: your elderly grandmother arrives home after dark and unlocks her front door. Automatically, all the lights in the entranceway, hallway, kitchen and lounge turn on. No more stumbling around in the dark.

Or imagine the bright lights in your driveway, garage, and hallway turning on as soon as you ask Google to operate the garage door opener. No more worries about what (or who) is lurking in the shadows.

What are the benefits of our Juice Electrical PIPs?

  • You keep the function of the original switch and add automation!
  • They’re wireless, connecting directly to your home or office wi-fi.
  • They can be controlled remotely.
  • They are voice assistant compatible.
  • A wide range of devices and appliances (and voltages) can be controlled by them.
  • They are likely compatible with an existing home automation system.

How might you use a single switch automation PIP?

Do you forget to turn appliances off? The integrated countdown timer can automatically switch off your fan heater or lights, after an hour, for example.

Set a sunrise and sunset schedule, controlling your inside or outside lighting accordingly.

Dim your hallway lights during sleeping hours.

Hop into bed and turn off all the lights in the house with one tap of your smartphone (or tell Alexa ‘all lights off’).

Arrange with your courier driver to phone you at work when they arrive at your house. Remotely open the garage door for them to leave your precious package safely inside and close the door behind them.

Automate your garden sprinkler, even including a sunset timer so you’re not watering in the hot sunshine, no matter the month.

Want to make it appear that you are home when you’re on holiday? Automate the lights to come on in the evening, along with the television or home entertainment (compatible Harmony Remote or similar required).

For convenience and energy-savings, automate your heated towel rail, hot water, heating or ventilation… the possibilities are endless.

For home, office, farm or factory, these single switch automation solutions are remarkable.

Remember, for as little as $50+GST plus installation (approx 1/2 hour per item, min 1 hour) we can now wire convenience, security and peace of mind into your electrical system.