Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations

Installing a new bathroom and kitchen offers lots of scope to express your design flair as well as have fun along the way choosing new taps, surfaces and paint colours to enhance two of the most important and hardworking rooms in your home.

Plan Your Bathroom & Kitchen Renovation Electrical Needs

When it comes time to consider your home renovation electrical needs, a practical approach wins out every time. It’s important to consider how you use these spaces – are you a gourmet cook who likes to entertain, or do you live on toast and tea? Is it just two of you or do you have a family that likes to get in the kitchen or bathroom all at the same time? Thinking through how you use the space and the appliances you turn to most days will help you plan your electrical needs.

Handy Bathroom Checklist

Do you need?

  • Mirror light
  • Mirror demister
  • Recessed lights (or a chandelier!)
  • Extractor fan (a good fan, keeps the room at an even temperature and will minimise condensation)
  • Heated towel rail, and towel rail timers
  • Wall-mounted heater or underfloor heater
  • Blue tooth speakers (to help you sing in the shower)
  • Vanity plugs (for hair drying or shaving)

Handy Kitchen Checklist

Consider these things:

  • Plug positions (to make sure all bench areas are covered and you have mapped your path from the jug to the toaster!)
  • A hob or induction hob (they often need more power)
  • Under bench lighting or breakfast bar lighting (LED light strips)
  • Waste disposal unit
  • Extractor fans
  • A walk-in pantry (take out all your fancy kitchen appliances and see which ones will live on the bench and therefore how many plugs you will need – you may be surprised!)

Lighting in both the bathroom and kitchen is important, and you often need more than you think. Also, if you are changing your kitchen or bathroom layout, what you had there before might not suit where you have things now! At Juice we are specialist kitchen and bathroom renovation electricians in Christchurch and Rolleston – we can offer you advice on this and anything else electrical.

Good Planning

An easy 1-2-3 step process is the way Juice works to get power to all the right places during the renovation process.


Quick make safe visit.

Whether you have a builder or are DIY-ing, Juice can disconnect power outlets and make things safe for work to be carried out



Once you have demo’d the space, get us in to put the wires in all the right places – before you add new gib, plaster and paint and appliances.


Fit-off/ Finish.

After painting has been completed, the Juice team will connect everything up and ensure things are working properly so you can enjoy your new space.