Mitsubishi Heat Pumps in Christchurch & Rolleston

No matter what the weather throws at you, you – and your heat pump – will be ready for it! We recommend Mitsubishi heat pumps for Christchurch homes.

Hot or cold, the Mitsubishi range of heat pumps will make sure you’re comfortable through every season, and will offer you the quietest, most energy-efficient solution for your home.

Juice are specialists at installing, servicing and repairing New Zealand’s best heat pumps on offer. Don’t risk working with cowboys – give us a call today to work with the best heat pump installers in Christchurch and Rolleston.

Heat Pumps Christchurch

Heat Pump Benefits

Wondering what the benefits are of installing a heat pump in your home? We have put together this handy list of the top 10 heat pump benefits:

Energy Efficiency – provide 4x more heat energy than they consume

Precise Temperature Control – set the room temperature to the exact degree

Cooling in Summer – keep your home cool through hot days and nights and say goodbye to humidity

Warming in Winter – keep your home warm and toasty

Safety – no hot surfaces to worry about for your children or pets

Low Running Costs – energy efficient, resulting in lower heating costs

Convenient Comfort – at a touch of a button, warm or cool air flows throughout a room

Unobtrusive Heating – gain floor space and add style with wall mounted heat pumps

Improved Air Quality – fitted with filtration and deodorization systems

Easily installed – by expert heat pump installers – like Juice! Healthy homes compliance and great appeal for rentals

Why Choose Mitsubishi Electric

While there are many heat pumps on the market, we have found over the years that Mitsubishi heat pumps are simply the best when it comes to heat pump pricing plus quality. Mitsubishi heat pumps have been designed first and foremost with people’s comfort in mind – warm in winter – especially important in Christchurch – and cool in summer.

Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control

Putting your needs ahead of anything else, the EcoCore AP Series of Mitsubishi heat pumps offers you increased control over your environment with a touch of a button. Imagine being able to programme your heat pump to come on on frosty mornings while you are still in bed – or before you get home. Offering real-time control via your phone, tablet or online account, and freedom to control your home’s weather!

Insider Heat Pump Knowledge

We’re Mitsubishi heat pump specialists – we know them back to front and inside out – take a look at some of the great heat pump options from Mitsubishi and Juice. – If you need a heat pump price quote, or some help deciding which would be the best deal for your heating needs and budget, let us know, we are happy to come visit and provide you with a quote.

 EcoCore AP classic

When Mitsubishi brought out the EcoCore High Wall Heat Pump range they set a new standard in energy efficiency. Introducing next generation EcoCore Technology – a large high-density heat exchanger is combined with an efficient fan motor and compressor and new generation refrigerant making this series both extremely energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

This model also has a Wide Airflow Mode, meaning it can be adjusted to a 12m reach, great for larger living spaces (or open plan offices).

EcoCore AP Classic Models On Offer
(optional wifi control)

Prices include back to back fully installed.

MSZ-AP25VGKD $2,200 + GST
Heating capacity: 3.2KW. Cooling capacity 2.5KW.

MSZ-AP35VGKD $2,300 + GST
Heating capacity: 3.7KW. Cooling capacity 3.5KW.

MSZ-AP42VGKD $2,550 + GST
Heating capacity: 5.4KW. Cooling capacity 4.2KW.

MSZ-AP50VGKD $2,750 + GST
Heating capacity: 5.8KW. Cooling capacity 4.8KW.

MSZ-AP60VGKD $3,100 + GST
Heating capacity: 6.8KW. Cooling capacity 6.0KW.

MSZ-AP71VGKD $3,500 + GST
Heating capacity: 8.0KW. Cooling capacity 7.1KW.

MSZ-AP80VGKD $3,700 + GST
Heating capacity: 9.0KW. Cooling capacity 7.8KW.

EcoCore AP Series

The EcoCore AP Series High Wall Pumps use less power than ever before, and with a super low fan setting it is incredibly quiet – it just may be New Zealand’s quietest heat pump. What makes it so quiet is a thinner heat exchanger and a bigger, more aerodynamic fan coil which means air can be moved across a larger fan surface.

A dual barrier coating prevents dust and dirt accumulating in your heat pump, making it more energy efficient. And with built-in Wi-Fi you can pre-heat or cool a room even when away from home.

EcoCore AP Plus Models On Offer
(Built in wifi)

Prices include back to back fully installed.

MSZ-AP25VGD $2,300 + GST
Heating capacity: 3.2KW. Cooling capacity 2.5KW.

MSZ-AP35VGD $2,400 + GST
Heating capacity: 3.7KW. Cooling capacity 3.5KW.

MSZ-AP42D $2,650 + GST
Heating capacity: 5.4KW. Cooling capacity 4.2KW.

MSZ-AP50VGD $2,850 + GST
Heating capacity: 6.0KW. Cooling capacity 5KW.

MSZ-AP60VGD $3,200 + GST
Heating capacity: 6.8KW. Cooling capacity 6.0KW.

MSZ-AP71VGD $3,600 + GST
Heating capacity: 8.0KW. Cooling capacity 7.1KW.

MSZ-AP80VGD $3,800 + GST
Heating capacity: 9.0KW. Cooling capacity 7.8KW.

Black Diamond Hypercore LN Series

Award winning aesthetics meets energy efficiency.  Match your interiors with one of the EcoCore Designer EF Series High Wall Heat Pumps. With an elegant slimline profile, it is available in a choice of finishes including glossy white, matte silver or Rich Black Diamond.

This great range includes a built-in weekly times, to allow up to four time and temperature settings for each day of the week. – A good way to control energy use and your environment. It also features optional Wi-Fi.

Black Diamond Hypercore LN Series
(Built in wifi)

Prices include back to back fully installed.

MSZ-LN25VG2 $2,650 + GST
Heating capacity: 3.2KW. Cooling capacity 2.5KW.

MSZ-LN35VG2 $2,800 + GST
Heating capacity: 4.0KW. Cooling capacity 3.5KW.

MSZ-LN50VG2 $3,250 + GST
Heating capacity: 6.0KW. Cooling capacity 5.0KW.

MSZ-LN60VG2 $3,500 + GST
Heating capacity: 6.8KW. Cooling capacity 6.1KW.

Christchurch Heat Pump Experts

Confused by the range of heating systems options available? Can’t tell your cassettes from your ducted heat systems from your floor consoles? No problem – our experts have installed heating units all over the Canterbury region and we can advise on the best pump for your particular space and needs. Get in touch and tell us what you need and we’ll offer a range of choices on heating solutions that will fit your requirements – ask us about our specials!

Sweltering Summer Heat Is Tough, But We’re Here For You
Hot summers are getting tougher and tougher to handle. Not having heating or air conditioning installed in your home is a recipe for disaster.

That being said, it’s essential for homeowners to be strategic about the entire air conditioner installation process. Receiving the priceless guidance of an experienced ventilation system expert can make all the difference.

Air conditioner units that are too small will do a poor job of cooling a room. Meanwhile AC units that are too big for the space cool super fast. When cooling happens too fast, the dehumidification process is not done properly.

At the same time, larger AC units also come with more expensive electric bills!
Other than that, there’s always the chance that a less skilled workman can make mistakes during the AC installation process.

As the leading heating and AC installation provider in Christchurch, we want you to know that your local accredited professionals at Juice are here for you.

Get relief from the summer heat with our air conditioner installation services in Christchurch and Rolleston. Give us a call today!

Why Work With Us?

Some of the reasons customers love working with us include:

  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Top notch workmanship
  • Competitive prices
  • Professional and punctual
  • Over 15+ years of experience
  • Fast communication, fantastic and professional service.

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What’s the difference between air conditioners and heat pumps?

They’re the same! All our units offer both heating and cooling settings.
Installing a new heat pump in your home means that you will be able to stay warm during the winter, and stay chill during the summer. The right heat pump will help you unlock comfort all year round.

Can you tell me a bit more about the different heat pump brands?

At present, there are different brands of pumps available. Some of the more popular ones include Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Toshiba and Fujitsu heat pumps.

However, our experience suggests that Mitsubishi heat pumps give customers the best bang for their buck. Plus they offer strong warranties on all their products.

Do you also offer help with heat pump servicing?

You’re in the right place if you are looking to get some servicing work done. We do offer servicing support along with a range of other maintenance services for ventilation systems.
Schedule a call with us using the link below, and our customer service representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

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