LED Lighting for Workplaces

LED lighting technology is always evolving, so when deciding on which LEDs to install for Commercial or Industrial lighting, always compare LED products’ performance, energy consumption, and durability.

Commercial & Industrial LEDs

Whether you’re replacing traditional lighting or upgrading/replacing existing LEDs, Juice Electrical’s LED lighting plans and installation expertise will also save you time and money.

Juice Electrical installs interior and exterior LED lighting in a diverse range of properties and sites; including workshops, warehouses, factories, cafés, shops, supermarkets, and schools.

LED Lighting options include (but are not limited to):

  • Interior & Exterior LED lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • LED Ceiling Panels
  • Floodlights
  • Highbays
  • Landscape & Tree Lighting
  • Task / Ambient / Accent lighting
    (With suitable light quality to also reduce glare & help prevent eye strain)

LED Lighting for:

  • Workshops, Warehouses & Factories
  • Offices, Retail & Hospitality
  • Entrance & Exit lighting
  • Steps, Stairs, Stairwells
  • Loading Docks
  • Parking Lots & Driveways
  • Pathways & Walkways
  • Street lighting
  • Bollard lighting
  • *Hazardous areas & Emergency lighting

Low LED Running Costs

Extremely low energy consumption is a key benefit of LED lighting: LEDs are far more energy efficient (and emit almost no heat). This is also useful for Security Lighting, which may be best to leave on all night. That said, LED lighting can be on sensors/motion triggered / on timers / fully automated – e.g. with our super-smart Wi-fi switches, which fit behind existing light switches. These ‘PIPs’ provide wireless, automated control of the lighting.

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Visionary LEDs

There’s an LED for even the most extreme workplaces and conditions. Juice Electrical highly recommends quality Visionary LED lighting – developed in New Zealand by Visionary Technologies, a Canterbury company.

LED Solutions

Juice Electrical supplies and installs LED lighting Canterbury-wide. Our registered Master Electricians are experts at assessing business needs and finding LED solutions that include greater light output and energy efficiencies.

We also have the benefit of Greg Horton’s decades of electrical experience in commercial and industrial lighting, which includes large-scale street lighting projects, while working at South Power. 

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Custom Lighting Plans

For Lighting Plans, Juice Electrical considers a wide range of factors, for example:

  • How much space needs to be lit
  • The light spread required (the LED lighting must be angled correctly)
  • Mounting requirements
  • Durability needs – e.g. re: weather, climatic conditions
  • Safety & security of the property, workers, visitors, customers

*Juice Electrical is also experienced in working with Council-approved, Commercial, and Industrial Lighting Plans – e.g. for Emergency lighting, and Hazardous sites/spaces.

Get the juice about LED Lighting for your Commercial or Industrial property:

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