LED Lighting

The power of Visionary LED Lighting

Juice Electrical installs quality, New Zealand-made, Visionary LED lighting in Christchurch homes and businesses, and Canterbury-wide.

If you had a look at LED lighting a few years back and dismissed it as being too expensive, it’s time to take another look: LED lights have come down in price, while the quality and life spans have gone up!

LED stands for ‘light emitting diode’. LEDs are basically superconductor devices that turn electricity into light. They are more efficient, have a longer lifespan and are more versatile than traditional lighting. For these reasons and more, Juice Electrical loves LED lights. We think you will too!

Checklist for upgrading to LEDs

If you’re ready to upgrade to LED lights, here are some tips before you do:

  • Measure the diameter/s of your current lights.*
  • Count how many lights you have (count all your outdoor lights too).
  • Think about whether your current lights are too bright, too dim or just right.
  • Decide if you want dimmers added.
  • Decide if you want warm white light colour or cool white light.
    *LED fittings can often cover old paint marks or existing holes.

With this information and factoring in the age of your home/property, Juice Electrical can usually Quote LED prices on the phone.

Give Juice a call – let’s talk all things LED!

Juice works with Visionary Technologies – a Christchurch company that’s leading the way in lighting industry innovation, by bringing better products to New Zealand.


Here are some examples and prices for Residential use. All come with a 7-year warranty.

Apollo Mini 2
$59 plus GST each

The Apollo Mini was engineered to supersede older halogen downlight technology. It features a wide trim profile to cover existing paint marks and increases your light output by over 50% on most existing halogen downlights. Its the go-to halogen downlight replacement for New Zealanders.

Apollo 2
$59 plus GST each

The Apollo 2 is the second generation of the hugely popular Apollo range. It’s perfect for both retrofitting and new builds. The refined design sits smartly in your ceiling and provides a beautifully balanced ambience and lighting profile

Iris Tilt 2
$74 plus GST each

The Iris Tilt can emit light on any rotational axis while maintaining an air-tight seal. It’s white powder coating means it blends with New Zealand’s most common ceiling colour palettes.

For all the Specifications & sizing of Visionary LED lights and fittings, visit their website:


Switch to LEDs and never change a lightbulb again! Juice Electrical’s LED lighting plans and installation expertise saves you time and money. Our registered Master Electricians are experts at assessing business needs and finding LED solutions for greater light output and energy efficiencies.

Commercial LED Lights

Juice Electrical installs LED lighting in a wide range of commercial properties – including cafés, shops, supermarkets, schools and workplaces.

Industrial LED Lights

There’s a heavy-duty LED for even the most extreme industrial workplaces and conditions.

Here are some examples and prices for Commercial / Industrial use. All come with a 5-year warranty. 

Apollo XL
$69 plus GST

The Apollo XL is designed to retrofit larger downlight units, ideal for commercial set-ups. With the combination of available accessories, it can cover 190mm requirements with an adapter plate, or 160mm on its own. This makes it an extremely versatile and economical option when compared to large commercial fittings.

Athena Batten
$130 plus GST

With its sleek design, robust construction and incredible ease of installation, the Athena Batten ticks all the boxes for an ultra-energy efficient architectural batten fixture that doesn’t cost the earth.

Revolution Flood
$390 plus GST

A highly versatile, premium asymmetric flood light with high light efficacy for maximum light distribution and minimal energy costs. This light is available with five different mount types and five beam angles for a wide array of commercial applications.

Avira LED Panel
$97 plus GST

The Avira LED panel was developed for reliable performance in an affordable package. Ideal for the cost-conscious customer, it’s a robust panel without any specialist features. This panel is engineered using a backlit design that allows for much higher structural rigidity and better light uniformity than typical edge lit panel designs.

For all the Specifications & sizing of Visionary LED lights and fittings, visit their website:

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