PIPs: Home Automation

PIPs: smarter Home Automation

PIPs are wi-fi switches that make it SO easy to control a wide range of devices, appliances, and voltages.

Also known as Shelly wi-fi relay switches, PIPs are the smallest, smartest, most powerful wi-fi switches. Because of their incredibly intelligent, tiny design (and our name), we call them PIPs!

Endless possibilities

By installing PIPs, Juice Electrical can automate lighting (e.g. indoor, outdoor, and security lights), locks, security/alarm systems, heat pumps, air conditioning, curtains, blinds, music, gates, garage doors, sprinklers, music, and more.

Smartphone & Voice Assistant compatible

PIPs wi-fi switches are controlled remotely with Android or iOS smartphones, and can also be voice-activated by using Alexa or Google Home.

You don’t have to automate the whole house (we can install just one PIP), and PIPs can also be installed in commercial and industrial buildings.

Juice Electrical Smart Home Automation can include:

Retro-fitting wi-fi automation

For homes which don’t have smart wiring/automation, we can install PIPs to turn standard mechanical switches into a wi-fi switches. This keeps the function of the original switches, but adds automation and the ability to use a range of amazing Shelly smart automation devices.

‘As well as lights, we had Juice install Shelly Dimmer 2 devices in light switch sockets to enable home automation of the lighting. I will be using them again.’
– Gavin Treadgold

Cost-effective full/partial C-Bus replacement

PIPs are compatible with existing C-Bus wiring, but cost far less than C-Bus modules. We can completely replace old/failing C-Bus systems or replace individual C-Bus modules at the switchboard, with a PIP.


Juice Electrical has helped clients who previously thought it would cost thousands to solve C-Bus issues. (A common call we get is about a lighting problem, which we discover is caused by a C-Bus module/modules at the switchboard, failing.)

We offer C-Bus compatible PIPssolutions for under $1,000 – in some cases the cost has only been $300-$400.

If you or someone you know has an old, failing, or unreliable C-Bus system, contact Juice for a smart fix that won’t cost an arm and a leg!

No re-wiring or extra equipment needed

Juice Electrical installs PIPs behind existing light switches and wall sockets: no need to rewire or make changes to the current electrical system.

Each PIP wi-fi switch has an embedded server, which connects to your existing wi-fi network, using the Shelly Smart Control app. If you’re not a ‘techy’ person, don’t worry – we’ll also show you how to use the app. We’re all about making your life easier.

Reimagine life at home

By installing PIPs that communicate with each other, smart phones and devices, we can create home automation ‘magic tricks’, that weren’t possible before.
Greg Horton
(Juice Electrical Owner & Managing Director)

Watch a Shelly Cloud video on YouTube which helps you see how Smart Home Automation helps make life at home easier, safer, and more comfortable.

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