What’s so special about LED lights anyway?

LED lights were actually developed way back in 1927, but weren’t commercially available for residential use until 2002. Since then, they have increasingly taken the place of traditional halogen and fluorescent fittings as more and more businesses and homeowners become aware of their efficiency.

Working by passing an electrical current through a microchip, LED lights are up to 90% more efficient than traditional fittings, with only 5% of their energy released as heat.

While the upfront cost of LED fittings used to be significant, prices have come down significantly over the last decade.

Obviously, these sorts of energy savings are great for the environment as well as your energy bill. According to Gen Less, a government website that focuses on sustainability issues, if every New Zealand household installed LED lighting, we’d be looking at an 82,000 tonne reduction in greenhouse gases every single year.

To further bolster their eco credentials, LED downlights can also be covered with insulation, unlike their halogen predecessors which had to be kept clear of flammable materials in the interests of safety.

Some people can find the brightness of LED fittings unpleasant, especially if they’ve grown up in older homes with poor lighting, so if you’re wanting to run a dimmer with your LED lights, just ask to add a dimmer. Talk to Greg on 021227 7275 today and get the juice on which LED lights will best suit your needs.

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