EV & PHEV Chargers

Fast, safe EV/PHEV Home Charging

At Juice Electrical, we’re all about making life easier for you. Our EV and PHEV home charging options include supplying and installing a faster wall-mounted charger, or installing the charger supplied with your vehicle.

On average, a wall-mounted charger can cut charging time in HALF!

A wall-mounted charging unit charges EV and PHEV vehicles faster* than using a standard three-pin plug and cord charger, especially if your car battery is above 20kWh or if the range is more than 150km.

Which is the best home charger for your EV or PHEV?

This depends on factors such as your EV/PHEV battery capacity, range and how fast you want to charge your vehicle.

Charge times for different types of home chargers, can vary hugely! We’ve seen charge times from 22 minutes to 33 hours, so talk to Juice about choosing the best home charger for you and your EV/PHEV.

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Installed in your garage or outside 

Juice Electrical can install a wall-mounted charger (also known as a wall box, wall charger or home charging station) in a garage, or outside in a carport/parking area.

Safer home charging

Having a wall-mounted charger avoids potential overheating during charging, and wear and tear on a power socket from using a standard home charger – also reasons why many car manufacturers recommend using a wall charger.

Note: Wall-mounted chargers must be installed by a qualified Electrician to ensure safe charging, as it requires wiring to a dedicated circuit. Even better if you have an experienced, registered Master Electrician from Juice Electrical, on the job!

Haven’t bought your EV/PHEV yet?

If fast charging at home is important to you, contact Juice Electrical before you buy an EV or PHEV, as *some have maximum charging speeds.

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