Solar Solutions

Solar Power:
cheaper for you & better for the Planet

Making the world a better place, one roof at a time: Juice Electrical installs Solar Power systems for homes and businesses in Christchurch and Canterbury-wide.

Infinite Energy Solar Power Systems

Juice Electrical works with Infinite Energy – a New Zealand company based in the South Island, specialising in designing customised Solar Power systems using PV (photovoltaic) renewable energy.

  • Grid Connected Solar Power systems
  • Grid Tied Hybrid Solar Power with lithium-ion battery backup
  • Entirely Off-Grid, standalone Solar Power systems

Reduce your power bill, not your street appeal 

As well as the performance and efficiency, Juice Electrical are impressed by how Infinite Energy solar PV panels look once installed. The sleek panels have black edging, which means they blend in somuch better on the roof, than other solar panels.

Use the renewable energy of the sun and enjoy lower power bills

Solar Batteries

Most customers who have Solar Power systems installed also have solar batteries, to store excess energy generated – e.g. to use later during times of high use, and to have an option during possible grid (power) outages.

Want to go off-grid?

Ask Juice Electrical about off-grid Solar Power systems – these can be designed to be coupled with inverters, battery chargers, lithium battery technology and backup generators.

Infinite Energy Solar Power systems can also be integrated with complementary electrical technologies, such as electric central heating, mechanical heat recovery ventilation, efficient water heating, and home EV/PHEV Wall-mounted Chargers, which Juice Electrical can supply and install.

Financial support

If you’re interested in having a Solar Power system installed, there may some financial support available from your bank/lender. Ask them if they’re supporting customers wanting to make sustainable energy choices. E.g. With a low-interest loan, and/or home loan top-up.

How do Solar PV panels work?

  • Solar PV panels on the roof produce direct current (DC) from sunlight, which passes through an inverter, to become alternating current (AC) electricity.
  • The Solar Power system is connected via a circuit breaker in your main switchboard, which in turn is connected to your meter.
  • Your home/property will utilise energy generated by your solar PV panels, before drawing any additional electricity from the grid.
  • Solar Buyback: if your Solar Power system is producing more electricity than you are using, you can sell it back into the grid to be used by others, which earns you credit.
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