Fast EV & PHEV charging

Fast, safe EV/PHEV Wall-mounted Chargers

On average, a wall-mounted charger can cut home charging time in HALF!

If you want to charge your EV or PHEV vehicle at home faster than using the supplied three-point plug and cord (especially if the battery is more than 20kWh or has more than 150km range), talk to Juice Electrical about installing a Wall-mounted Charger.

If possible, contact Juice Electrical before you buy an EV or PHEV, as some have maximum charging speeds.

A wall-mounted charger (also known as a wall box, wall charger, or home charging station) must be installed by a qualified Electrician, as it requires wiring to a dedicated circuit.

Juice Electrical can install a wall-mounted charger in your garage, or outside in a carport/parking area.

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