Visionary LED lighting for your home

Juice Electrical highly recommends Visionary LED lights for replacing existing recessed downlights, and for new homes. Compared to traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs, LEDs put out 20% more light, use only 10% of the energy, and have a MUCH longer lifespan: 50,000+ hours, which is 20 to 30 years at least!

The cost to install LEDs is usually less than replacing traditional bulbs, so for a lower price, you get better brightness for longer, AND lower power bills.

Visionary LED residential downlights

Juice Electrical supplies and installs quality Visionary LED lighting in Christchurch and Canterbury-wide, including the residential downlights shown below.

These downlights recess into the ceiling and sit flush. All come with a 7-year Warranty.

Apollo 2 (130mm)

Apollo Mini 2 (97mm)

Iris Tilt 2 (103mm)

Checklist for upgrading to LEDs

See the Checklist in our LED Lighting website page, about upgrading to LEDs. With information from this, and factoring in the age of the home, Juice Electrical can usually Quote LED prices on the phone.

“We’re happy to replace just one bulb, though it’s more economical for you to do a room or two, or in some cases, the whole house,” explains Greg Horton. “It usually takes only 3-6 hours to fully modernise a home with LED lighting.”

Local LED lighting innovators

Visionary LED lights are designed and assembled by Visionary Technologies: an innovative Christchurch company leading the way in the lighting industry, and bringing better products to New Zealand. We love that they’re local!

Some of the MANY reasons why Juice Electrical prefers Visionary LED lights:

  • Completely sealed, airtight thermal design: fully sealed front lens ensures no air, thermal or dust movement between room and ceiling cavity.
  • Visionary LEDs are slightly wider than other lights, to neatly cover paint marks or discolouration from previous downlights.
  • Highly durable, premium components and trim.
  • Fully dimmable and compatible with almost all NZ wall dimmer systems, and smart home automation systems.  
  • Insulation can be laid over the top: fully IC-F rated for use under all NZ approved insulation types, including Pink Batts and Earthwool.
  • Water and dust resistant: great for bathrooms, kitchens and under soffits.
  • ‘Soft tone’ light: even, diffused light comfortable for your eyes.
  • Attractive to prospective tenants: no blown bulb hassles!

Residential Downlights Specs & Sizing

Outdoor, Garden & Security Lighting

To make the most of your outdoor areas now that the nights are darker earlier, Juice Electrical recommends installing LED outdoor and garden lighting. This can include tree or feature up-lighting, deck lighting, floodlights, lights for steps and paths.
LED Security lighting solutions can also be installed (and automated) – e.g. for your driveway and garage, entranceways and paths.

PIPs wi-fi switches: automated lighting

Juice Electrical can also install ‘PIPs’: wi-fi switches to automate in and outdoor lighting. You can start with just one switch if you like: from $50+GST plus installation* for residential homes in Christchurch. (*Approx. 30 minutes per switch, minimum 1 hour.)

Learn more about PIPs and smarter home automation, in our PIPs Home Automation Blog Post – especially if you have an old, failing or unreliable C-Bus system.

For in or outdoor LED lighting, talk to Juice Electrical: registered Master Electricians and veterans in the electrical industry, with 15+ years’ experience.
Contact us for advice, or to arrange a consultation or Quote.

‘They installed LED lights in our kitchen. Great service and very professional. Helen gave us a very good quote on phone … installed LED on same day. We will only use Juice Electrical from now. Highly Recommend.’ – Guri Maan

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