Cheaper power

Cheaper power & better for the Planet

Infinite Energy Solar Power Systems

Juice Electrical works with Infinite Energy – a New Zealand company based in the South Island, specialising in designing customised Solar Power systems, including:

✓  Grid Connected Solar Power
✓  Hybrid Solar Power (lithium-ion battery backup)
✓  Entirely Off-Grid Solar Power

Infinite Energy chose Juice Electrical to become an approved Installer, after hearing about our reputation for over-delivering in every way! 

Reduce your power bill, not your street appeal

As well as performance and efficiency, we were very impressed by how Infinite Energy solar PV (photovoltaic) panels look once installed. The sleek panels have black edging, which means they blend in so much better on the roof, than other solar panels!

Better ideas that are better for the Planet!

We also love that Infinite Energy is proactive. E.g. They lobby the government about renewable energy infrastructure, such as installing Solar Power storage in subdivisions, so that residents can feed in and out of the Grid. 

‘We love going to work each day to make the world a better place, one roof at a time! – Infinite Energy

Infinite Energy solar power systems can also be integrated with home EV/PHEV Wall-mounted Chargers, which Juice Electrical can supply and install. 

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